Re-make – Undergoing a new iteration of self!

Friends! Everyone! I’ve been contemplating an announcement for some time now. Today feels like the perfect chance to do so. I am going through a new iteration of self today.

As such, I did the following: 1) I made a list of “qualities” and goals I’m moving towards, continuing to align my subconscious mind with my conscious reality. 2) It’s helping me release about my story of shame, fear, and judgment of abundance. I really do believe that some of us have limiting thoughts that keep us from shining our best selves. Like they say, you are your own worst enemy! I believe that you can change your environment if you change yourself. We all can. So here I am fiercely announcing to my Facebook/blog community that I’m changing! I like it! I want you to be apart of my journey into greater acceptance and manifesting. 3) Some of the values I want to move towards are authenticity, more love for everything, and collaboration on ideas/talents. This means I’m moving away from labels and limiting thoughts that no longer serve me. I’m writing more, share my ideas maybe you’ve never heard me talk about before, and be more fucking willing to dialogue. No controversy. Exchange. That opens me up to hearing better. 4) I’m reconstructing my blog, Instagram, Twitter, social media outlets to better serve this overall purpose. Some of these changes are minor and may not even be noticeable to you. Some of the changes aren’t so small. So bear with me as I make this change but hopefully you’ll like it!

Over the weekend, I had several deep and meaningful interactions that really helped me “get here”. Those conversations were authentic and engaged. I realize how much conversation is a basic way to expand on thoughts and ideas. They helped me shed my thinking so I could move to the next “level”. So I want to talk to death now! As a kid, I was shamed for talking “too much.” But I LOVE talking, how can I deny that unique and wonderful quality about me? Moreover, I want to talk but not to myself! 

You are my community. What we talk about matters helps me. I want to include you in my journey! So I am announcing that I committing today to walk in my authentic self – talking about and sharing it – without shame, so that I can realize more of my potential and tap into my true self. Be excited! I hope you will be apart of it! 


Watch my back in Tree pose.


About ellerenaissance

Monikers: craze, igrlsoulja, ellrenaissance I am a buddhist, feminist, activist, certified yoga instructor, urban planner, asian american, southeast asian first born in America in my family (obvi) born and raised in the inner city of Oakland, CA. I have a very unique perspective on the world and I use this space to share my personal life and thoughts. Although I really want to disclose my identity, I keep my identity private because it protects the people who know me. I hope you enjoy my blog and I hope you comment.
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1 Response to Re-make – Undergoing a new iteration of self!

  1. Kari says:

    I am with you

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