Good morning, from Cheyenne, WY

Yesterday, we made a ten-hour drive. Everyday we make plans to do some sightseeing but the reality is that after the time zone changes, bathroom and gas breaks, meals, and traffic conditions are taken into consideration, we don’t have time to really stop. We skipped visiting the Frontier Prison and doing the scene route from Laramie to Cheyenne. Although people on online forums said that there are stretches of nothing all along the route, I have found the scenery to be quite beautiful. I appreciated seeing the rolling hills and colorful mountains. From Nevada in Wyoming, the mountain colors have changed from green to sandstone color. Utah was beautiful, as the 80 highway goes straight through salt plains and it’s white on either side with some stretches of lakes. Throughout the route, you can catch these freight trains that are so long, they look amazing from a distance. We also saw buffalo along the route too! But I didn’t take pictures of that. ImageImage

Wyoming was much colder last night than Nevada was. Last night, there was continuous lightning all throughout our drive. We ate at this super awesome diner right before Laramie and it was by far the BEST steak, salad, mashed potatoes and gravy I have EVER had. My sister and I are getting to know each other much better. I have been trying to do handstand pictures in every state and recording video as I go along.

Enjoy the pictures! We need to get back on the road now. 



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Monikers: craze, igrlsoulja, ellrenaissance I am a buddhist, feminist, activist, certified yoga instructor, urban planner, asian american, southeast asian first born in America in my family (obvi) born and raised in the inner city of Oakland, CA. I have a very unique perspective on the world and I use this space to share my personal life and thoughts. Although I really want to disclose my identity, I keep my identity private because it protects the people who know me. I hope you enjoy my blog and I hope you comment.
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